Tuesday 11 September 2012

Arabella Clarke - Special Effects Make-up Artist.

At the Colchester Film Festival on the 6th of October Signals will be working alongside Arabella to lay on a morning of make-up and green screen filmmaking fun. Arabella has some great experience with all things gory and we hope that you'll come along get made-up and and star in a short green screen special effects film, It should be lots of fun and what's more the morning will be FREE!

Here's some more from Arabella...

"I started off with painting, sculpture, drawing and photography, and had a few exhibitions in London. While I was doing portrait photographs I thought it would be a great idea to learn how to do people’s make-up. I also liked the blood on the Cradle of Filth videos and magazines and was inspired by special effects in music videos. I did an I.T.E.C. Level 3 Diploma in Theatre, Fashion and Media Make-Up at City and Islington College and did a bit of freelancing and eventually I started getting paid work and jobs through word of mouth. I even did some freelance jobs for the B.B.C. I then discovered that I had been living opposite a very good make-up school for years, which was hidden round the corner in Hampshire Street in Camden. I had a full time and evening to fund my make-up course. I chose which modules I wanted to do which were special effects, prosthetics, character make-up, bald caps and period hair. I was taught by Stuart Bray who did Shaun of the Dead and Harry Potter and Jeanne Richmond, a BAFTA award winner and Raphael Fieldhouse, a champion body painter.

I like doing special effects make-up, small prosthetics, the blood pump effect and body painting and anything creative. I like having a brief which gives me room for creativity. I enjoy doing work for film, television and music videos. 

My favorite projects to work on have been through the B.B.C.  True Stories, episodes 1 and 2. I worked on the Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry parts. It was great fun filming in Fort William in Portsmouth as it added to the whole atmosphere and excitement of the project.  I enjoyed doing a mixture of character and period make-up along with my favorite special effects and prosthetics make-up. I pre-made gelatin prosthetics for it at Elstree Studios, and worked as an assistant to Selen Hurer.  We had to do lots of special effects and prosthetic wounds on soldiers and had to dirty up the prisoners. I will never forget getting up at 6 am to watch it on T.V. with my credits on it. They gave me a copy to keep which was great.

Another favorite project I worked on was Phil Berridge’s music video for Paul Foster Dent for his band Basement Torture Killings. I enjoyed working on this project because I was helping my friend make his music video and which was a great thing to do and I also love metal music so it was great to be doing a metal music video. I also enjoyed it simply because the director absolutely loved my work and has given me good references since.

Another great project was a short film called Heartbroke Hitman. I had to create a bullet wound prosthetic, this turned out quite well and I got to work closely with armourers and learnt a lot about weapons and guns and how they create the types of wounds they do, which helped with my special effects creation. The crew was also great to work with.

I have done some Colchester based work on a project called the Waking Witch, which was at Colchester Institute, with members of the film club. I did some gothic make-up, beauty make-up, a black eye a scratch and burn special effects. The burn special effects took a lot of sculpt gel to create and I made it with this and bruise gel and charcoal by stippling with my stipple sponge and a little bit of purple grease paint.

I am organising and running Firstsite Horrormakeupfx workshops at 15 Queen Street for the 16th September, 23rd September and 14th October. I am doing a special effects workshop, a prosthetics, prosthetic appliances and life casting workshop and a zombie and Halloween special effects make-up and prosthetics workshop. They are workshops for beginners, or anyone wanting to update their skills or build up their portfolios or anyone wishing to take up a new interest."

Check out more of Arabella's creations at:  www.horrormakeupfx.com

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This is just right for the upcoming season. I'm sure many freelance makeup artists would benefit with these special effects Arabella Clarke shared, including her experiences as well.
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